Ultimate Meatloaf
House made meatloaf, mushrooms and Asiago cheese enveloped with puff pastry.
Baked to a golden brown with red wine reduction drizzled on top. Served with mashed potatoes

Lasagna Roll Ups
Fresh lasagna that is not re-heated but baked fresh for you every time.
Our ricotta cheese mixture, and ground beef and Italian cheeses rolled in fresh lasagna noodles, baked and covered with our house made spaghetti sauce.
Made in the great Italian tradition of the 82 years of this restaurant

Better than Mom’s Meatloaf ( we won’t tell)

Out award-winning meatloaf served with gravy and your choice of real house mashed                                         potatoes or french fries plus vegetable of the day  12.99

Sheppards Pie
Fresh ground lamb and beef, in a rich sauce covered in house-made mashed potatoes, and baked to perfection.
Made by an authentic Englishman… This is the real deal!

Prepared daily! Creamy risotto made fresh with seasonal vegetables and always served al dente
Add the following: Filet Tips – 4.00 Salmon – 4.00 • Shrimp – 4.00 • Chicken – 2.00

This spaghetti sauce recipe is handed down from the original owners, Bunjo and Ester
Thin spaghetti served al dente and with a meatball